Invent Your Own Abstract Art in Microsoft Paint

abstract art paintingHave you ever wondered if you could make some abstract art? Did you know it isn’t that difficult? In fact you can do it on your computer in Microsoft Paint.

Go ahead and open up MS Paint and get started. There is no need to be afraid of abstract art. No matter what others may tell you there isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. Even and elephant can paint in abstract. You may have seen that in the news.

Pick some shapes and place them wherever you want to in the drawing field. They can be any size or colour. You make the choice. The first picture you see with this article was done with the block template and colored in with basic colors from the swatch you have displayed in front of you.

You can try duplicating this picture or create something completely different. Maybe you might just want to color it differently.

I was actually thinking about The Partridge Family series when I decided on inventing this picture.

Take a look at the other pictures. You may see patterns or not. The second one could leave one guessing what it is. Is it bubbles, white stones in water, or stones in the grass? What is it? Your guess is as good as mine. That is what makes it abstract art.

The third picture may make you a bit woozy. As mentioned, abstract art can be anything. I just picked random colors and started making circles. With a little modifying here and there, I could have made this look like the background to the Merry Melodies or Loony Tunes intro.

Maybe you have seen something that you thought may need some “tweaking.” Take it and run with it. Maybe you have an idea of what you want but aren’t certain how to plan it out. Use some copy paper or post-it notes to sketch out your idea. Refine it in more detail. Do you have a scanner? Scan it onto your computer and save it as a gif file.

That will keep it from pixelating, which can be tedious to clean up on the computer in MS Paint. If you accidentally save it in bmp or jpeg form, you can always resave it in gif form.

The fourth picture I purposely left unfinished. I will complete it with the lines on all four triangles. The real question is, “How would you finish it if it was your drawing?” Would you leave it like it appears? It does look like you are looking down a hall, or maybe you are entangled in ceiling wire and you are upside down.

Whatever you choose to do for an abstract picture will turn out well. It is only finished when you feel it is finished. Don’t worry about what others think. Remember, they would have never thought of your exact idea.

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