How to Easily Create Original Abstract Art Using Photoshop

abstract art made with photoshop
Abstract art made with Photoshop

Abstract art is fun and easy to make using Adobe Photoshop. This is a great project for children, someone who is looking to decorate their home inexpensively, or anyone who just wants to kill some time. The only things you need to do this are a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop. I do this about once a day , and find that it is very relaxing and stress relieving. In this article I will show you how to easily create a piece of abstract art, like the photo to your left, using Adobe Photoshop.

The first thing you need to do, is take some pictures. They can literally be of anything. You can take pictures of your pets, your house, your car, the floor, your back yard, the sky, some trees; it really doesn’t matter. After you snap a few shots, load your pictures on to your computer and open them in Photoshop.

Now, before you start twisting and bending these photos into all sorts of bizarre shapes and objects, I suggest enhancing them a little bit so you have a nice solid and colorful image to work with. Go to “Image + Adjustments + Brightness/Contrast.” Bring the contrast up about 50 – 60%. Normally, this would probably be too much, but in this case we will be altering the image tremendously, so it doesn’t matter. You may also want to experiment with adding some filters and adjusting the color balance, too.

Next, go to “Filter + Liquefy.” Your photo will open in a new window with a new set of tools and brushes. Just go crazy with it. Let out all of your frustration. There is a myriad of different tools to choose from on the left side of the window. Try experimenting with each different tool; They all have different effects. The sloppier and crazier you are with your image, the cooler it will look when you’re finished.

After you’ve warped your image to your satisfaction, click the “OK” button. It should take about 30 – 40 seconds to finalize, depending on much you altered the image. That’s basically all there is to it. If you still feel like you could improve your new piece of art, try adding some more filters to it or adjusting the colors some more. Another great tool for making abstract art is the “Distort” filter. Just go to “Filter + Distort” and select one of the many options from the drop down menu.

If you like a piece of art you create so much that you want to frame it and hang it in your house, make sure you save the finished file at the highest setting possible.

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